Walmart launches a salvo of iPad deals before Amazon Prime Day 2019

This deal has now ended, but check our coverage of the best Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals for more great offers on iPads and other tech.

The long-standing rivalry between Walmart and tech giant Amazon is old news. But with Prime Day less than a month away, Walmart has stepped up its game. The retailer’s latest effort to derail Amazon is a massive sale on tech. Specifically, tech that usually does well on Prime Day, like the latest Apple iPad Air (2019) – which currently has a $30 discount at both sites.

Talk about brilliant iPad deals : this is the lowest-ever price for the new iPad Air. It’s a fantastic tablet, with a powerful A12 Bionic chip, Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor with Apple Pay, and a stunning 10.5-inch Retina display.

It’s hard not to view these Walmart price drops as an open declaration of war on Amazon. It seems clear that the retailer is hoping to reduce the number of sales Amazon makes this year during its Prime Day sale. 

Apple iPad Air (2019) 10.5″: $469 (was $499.99) at Walmart
Save $30.99
– Walmart is offering as awesome $30 reduction on the new iPad Air, making this the lowest price we’ve seen on the 2019 tablet. It’s super powerful and comes with a host of features, such as fingerprint ID, an clear sounds system and colorful screen that’s a joy to watch.  View Deal

Apple iPad Air (2019) 10.5″: $469 (was $499.99) at Amazon
Save $30.99
– Amazon has also dropped the price of the Apple iPad Air to match Walmart’s reduction – meaning you can pick up this powerhouse of a tablet for just $30 less than usual from Amazon as well. Bargain.  View Deal

This price war isn’t the first instance of rivalry between the two retailers. Walmart has launched an aggressive campaign to create inroads into Amazon’s domain during the latest year. The retailer has created partnerships with a host of online technology companies – including the acquisition of and a partnership with Uber for grocery delivery – in an effort to reclaim the grocery domain from Amazon, and expand beyond it.

The Financial Times reports that Walmart and Amazon are also in a drone race. Both are trying to be the first to create an autonomous drone delivery system, in the hope that this will enable packages to be delivered faster, without causing – or being subject to – road congestion. 

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Walmart currently seems to be winning the race for autonomous drone delivery. It’s filed more patents for drones for two years in a row – with 97 patents alone this year, compared to Amazon’s 54 patents.

Walmart may be winning the race on drone delivery devices, but whether it wins the war on Amazon Prime Day remains to be seen. However, with prices this low, we’re happy to sit back and watch the discounts roll in. 

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