The best Kindle deals 2019

Cheap Kindle deals are never far away. Keen to stay on top of the best e-reader lists, Amazon tends to make sure Kindle prices – and specs – remain competitive. And the retailer does a great job: Amazon’s Kindles are the biggest name in the business thanks to their ever-evolving design, low prices (on most models at least), and an unbeatable library with millions of titles available. 

You get the best features on every Kindle too with a glare-free screen, adjustable text size and fonts, long-life battery, and handy look-up features to access dictionary and Wikipedia entries on any word.

But which is the best Kindle? And how can you find the cheapest Kindle deal? That’s where we can help: we’ve curated the best Kindles here on this page, from the basic models through to the excellent Paperwhites and luxury Kindle Oasis ereader. And we’ve explained the differences between each to help you decide which is right for you. We’ve also found today’s cheapest Kindle deals for each model, so you can be sure you’re getting the lowest price possible.   

Which is the best Kindle reader to buy?

When it comes to the best Kindle reader, we’re leaning towards the Paperwhite ($129.99) because it’s packed with features like a flush screen with a backlight and fully waterproof chassis. That said, the recently revamped entry-level Kindle ($89.99) is an excellent e-reader if you’d rather stick to the cheapest option – especially because it now comes with a backlit screen, which was our main reason for preferring the Paperwhite series previously. 

As for the Kindle Oasis ($249.99) there’s no denying it has the best screen of any e-reader money can buy. But a slightly disappointing battery –and the way its slightly raised front-facing corners sometimes rub in the hand – make it a harder sell at such a high price.

Which is the cheapest Kindle reader? 

Of the three, the basic Kindle and Paperwhite are reduced the most throughout the year, so you should never pay the full manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) on either of those. Chances are we’ll see the best Kindle deals and lowest prices of the year on Amazon Prime Day

And if you’re already a Prime member, there are thousands of free books, magazines and comics available in the lending library. Not a member yet? Check out the free 30-day tria l and you can enjoy super-fast delivery and access to thousands of movies and TV shows too. Here are today’s best Kindle deals…

1. Kindle Paperwhite (2018)

The best Kindle all-round, thanks to regular deals keeping prices down

Screen size: 6-inch | Screen type: E Ink Carta | Storage: 8GB/32GB | Resolution: 300ppi | Weight: 182g | Backlight: yes | Touchscreen: yes | Wi-Fi: yes | 4G: yes (free on more expensive version) | Battery life: up to six weeks | Waterproof: yes

Backlit screen
New flush screen/bezel design
Basic Kindle is almost as good now

The latest version of the Kindle Paperwhite made some drastic improvements without increasing the price, making it the best Kindle all-round. Like the far more expensive Kindle Oasis, the 2018 Paperwhite is now waterproof and the screen is now flush with the bezel – meaning you won’t need to blow dust out from the edge or pull out any trapped hairs. Don’t forget, waterproofing isn’t just great for reading poolside or in the bath, it’ll protect the device from drink spillages on tables or loose lids in your bag. The screen is brighter than the cheaper Kindle, below, but there’s not much in it. Overall, this is the Kindle we’d generally go for thanks to its slicker design and waterproofing, and the sales are frequent enough to get it for closer to $99 instead of $129.

2. Kindle 2019

The cheapest Kindle is better than ever

Screen size: 6-inch | Screen type: E Ink Carta | Storage: 4GB | Resolution: 167ppi | Weight: 174g | Backlight: Yes | Touchscreen: Yes | Wi-Fi: yes | 4G: no | Battery life: Up to four weeks | Waterproof: no

Excellent value
Feels great in the hand
Gets a backlit screen for the first time
Slightly more expensive than previous-gen version

The updated entry-level Kindle may have stolen the Paperwhite’s crown as the best-value Kindle on the market. That’s thanks to the inclusion of a backlit screen – the first time we’ve seen this on the basic Kindle. Sure, that means the price has gone up by $10, but it’s still far cheaper than the other Kindles. Bear in mind that the screen resolution is almost half of the other modern Kindles, but it’s barely noticeable unless you’re reading graphic novels – which we generally wouldn’t recommend on Kindles anyway. If you’re curious about the world of ebooks, this is the best Kindle you can buy to get started.

3. Kindle Oasis

A class-leading, but pricey, e-reader

Screen size: 7-inch | Screen type: E Ink Carta | Storage: 8GB/32GB | Resolution: 300ppi | Weight: 194g | Backlight: Yes | Touchscreen: Yes (and page turn buttons) | Wi-Fi: yes | 4G: yes (free on more expensive version) | Battery life: up to six weeks | Waterproof: yes

Wonderful display
Page turn buttons
Very expensive
Battery may disappoint on optimal settings

Every time Amazon improves the cheaper e-readers in its line-up, the luxury Kindle Oasis becomes a tougher sell. The larger screen is superb though, with more LEDs than any other Kindle, and giving the brightest picture – even if the resolution is the same as the Paperwhite. The page-turn buttons, combined with the subtle ‘wedge’ on the smooth metal back, make it excellent to read without having to touch the screen. We were a bit disappointed with the battery though, which drains faster than the other Kindles if you leave the online features turned on and enjoy higher brightness settings. The faintly rough metallic corners on the front occasionally make it marginally uncomfortable to read one-handed too.

What does with or without ‘special offers’ mean at Amazon?

When looking at a Kindle listing on Amazon’s website you’ll see you can choose between capacity sizes and also two options saying With Special Offers or Without Special Offers, with the latter being $20 more expensive.

The ‘special offers’ basically boil down to discrete ads on your lock-screen. These are usually just advertising an e-book or Kindle accessory sale over at Amazon. The ads do not pop up when reading and contain no audio or video element. If you opt for the ‘without’ option, you just get a generic background image on the lock-screen instead.

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Earfun Free Pro review

We’ve used Kindles with both options enabled and didn’t find the ads annoying at all, so given the $20 saving, we’d certainly recommend sticking with the cheaper option – some of the sales were actually half-decent and worth clicking through to.

We never accidentally clicked through on an ad by mistake and the wake up time of the device from the lock-screen is the same with or without ads. If you really want to get rid of them at a later date though, you can contact Amazon and pay the difference to get them removed. 

Should I buy a Kindle with cellular/3G/4G connectivity?

For a considerably higher price, some Paperwhite and Oasis models are also available with these extra connectivity options meaning you can access online features (download ebooks/audiobooks from the Kindle store, access Wikipedia entries and browse websites) without being connected to Wi-Fi.

This access is free, so you don’t need an extra mobile device plan like you would for a cellular iPad, but given the large one-off increase in price for the Kindle itself, it’s not a feature we think is worth it to be honest given how easy it is to find free Wi-Fi. And if you’re really out in the wild, what are the chances you’d be able to pull down a signal anyways? Using your cell phone as a mobile hotspot is probably the better option in a pinch.