40% off AncestryDNA makes it a perfect Father’s Day gift

With a load of DNA testing kits to choose from, it may be tough deciding which one is best for Dad this Father’s Day. But Ancestry is making that choice much easier by knocking $40 off their normally-priced $99 kit . Not other gift can open a whole new world to your father and get him to find out more about his ancestry. After all, with a huge repository of records, who knows what you’ll uncover about your family tree?

AncestryDNA is one of the best DNA testing kits we’ve reviewed. That’s because it does family history better than any other genealogy company.

Save $40 on the AncestryDNA testing kit  – now just $59
Get the AncestryDNA testing kit for just $59, down from $99.99. Learn more about you and your family by gaining access to historical records, your family tree, and in-depth DNA insights. Deal ends: June 17  View Deal

There are many reasons beside the price that makes DNA testing useful, even beyond the moment when you get your results. You may be looking for a long-lost family member, get to know a little more about your family tree, or just get some valuable insight into your family’s journey. 

But why Ancestry? Ancestry stands out above the rest: the service not only provides insights into your family’s origins, but also has a wealth of historical records, some of which may be associated to one or a few of your ancestors, in addition to DNA insights such as origins, DNA connections with other users, physical traits, and a family tree. 

Ancestry’s data can even tell you how your ancestors moved from place to place, and possibly why. You may even be able to find out what specific regions you’re from, and not just the countries. The more people join, the bigger Ancestry’s repository of records and information grows, meaning that, as time goes by, your chances of finding out more only grows too. Consult your reports at any given moment, and you’re bound to find new and insightful data every time. 

It’s so easy to use, too: all you need to do, once you purchase a kit, is follow the instructions in packaging and shipping a saliva sample to a lab. Create an online account, and after 6 to 8 weeks, a ton of information about your DNA and your family will be available online. It’s never been easier to know more about yourself, and now, it’s never been cheaper. 

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Just because it’s a Father’s Day sale doesn’t mean that you have to buy the Ancestry kit just as a gift for Dad . You can take advantage of the sale to learn more about yourself. If you want to know more about what makes you, well, truly you, then this sale is the perfect occasion to find out. 

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